Breeds of long-Lived Dogs

Boston Terrier
When choosing a pet, many future dog owners think about what breeds differ in longevity, because it is very sad to say goodbye to a friend. But, unfortunately, the dog age is short — the lived-the average life span of their dogs is from 10 to 13 years.

Of course, proper care, high-quality nutrition, and concern for the health of Pets help them to live a long and happy life. But genetics also plays a significant role in this, so this factor should not be underestimated either.

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Dogs of small breeds usually live longer than large ones. So, if your age is important, it is better not to buy representatives of giant breeds — they rarely live longer than eight years.

What kind of dogs can be considered centenarians?

  1. ChihuahuaChihuahuas lead the rating of dogs distinguished by longevity. Many representatives of this breed live more than 15 years, and some live up to 20 years. In General, Chihuahuas are healthy, but prone to heart and eye diseases.
  2. DachshundOften these dogs live longer than 15 years. A Dachshund named Chanel is a world record holder, she got into the Guinness Book of records, having lived to 21 years. But dachshunds often have health problems, especially with their backs, and they are also prone to obesity.
  3. The toy poodleThese small dogs easily survive to the age of 18. But they have orthopedic problems and eye diseases.
  4. Jack Russell TerrierIt is not uncommon for them to live to the age of 16. Jack Russell Willy died at the age of 20 and also appeared in the Guinness Book of world records.
  5. Shih TzuFriendly Shih Tzus can live for more than 15 years. These are healthy dogs, but they have orthopedic problems and eye problems.
  6. MalteseIt is an exceptionally healthy breed — a dog can live for more than 15 years.
  7. Yorkshire terrierYorks are very popular in Russia, which is not surprising because they often live to 15 years (and sometimes longer).
  8. PomeranianThese cute babies also differ in that they can live up to 16 years with proper care.
  9. Shiba-inu (Shiba-inu)In the rating of centenarians, almost all dogs are small, so the Shiba inu stands out very much here. They can live for more than 16 years. And although the breed as a whole differs in health, among its representatives there maybe allergies.
  10. Australian cattle dogThese dogs also usually live up to 16 years, and sometimes longer. But they need a lot of physical activity for a happy life


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