Hello to all readers of our blog! When a guy communicates with a lady and feels that he likes her, it can be difficult to admit that he likes her. Beauties can react in different ways, so you need to do it carefully, so as not to “scare off the prey”. Today I will consider all the nuances of proper recognition and answer your main question: how to tell a girl that I like her.


Why are guys afraid to admit their feelings?

Nature has endowed men with courage, strength, and courage and decided that this is all they need for a successful existence. However, in matters of love, men are as helpless and powerless as little children. A young man under the influence of sympathy for the chosen one gradually loses control of his mind, and this makes him vulnerable. He thinks a lot about her, strives for communication, meetings, but misses the most important thing-the recognition of sympathy. Other reasons for young people’s fear may also contribute to this:

  • low self-esteem (“I am not worthy of her”, “I am nothing to her»);
  • the great popularity of the girl (she is told such things every day);
  • lack of experience in dealing with ladies;
  • consequences of a failed relationship with the opposite sex;
  • fear of rejection of reciprocity;
  • lack of confidence in your feelings (what if it’s just sympathy?);

fear of becoming a laughing stock (she will tell all her friends and girlfriends, and everyone will laugh at me).

Especially this fear occurs when a guy communicates with a very beautiful lady, and who has a lot of fans. But all fears can be overcome if you know the basic principles in communicating with a girl you like.#

What you need to do before you hint about liking

You communicate with a girl and want to let her know that you like her, but first, it would be nice to find out about her attitude to you. What you need for this:

  • spend more time with her – so you can see how she feels about you;
  • communicate not only “live”, but also in social networks – people are more relaxed on the Internet;
  • more often look into the eyes of the chosen one-the eyes usually “pass”, those who breathe unevenly;
  • take an interest in her life – if the lady herself feels warm feelings for you, then you do not need to ask her much, she will tell you everything in spirit (practice shows);
  • it is elementary to take care of her: hold her hand when leaving, offer a chair, if she likes you, she will certainly appreciate your efforts;
  • ask your friends about her attitude to you – but there is no guarantee that she will not be told about it;
  • offer all possible help-ladies like it when men solve their problems and will refuse to do this only if there is no sympathy.

If such actions do not give a complete picture of your relationship, you can make a “knight’s move” – openly ask her how she feels about you. Here 50/50-either she will not find what to say or will say: “You’re just a friend to me” or forced to admit to liking the first. This method is suitable for confident guys.
What is important for a guy to know for successful communication

It will focus on important points that will help a young man take a step towards winning a girl. So, let’s figure out what principles each “elated” guy should adhere to:

a Positive attitude.

An optimistic guy will be lucky in all his endeavors and in love, including. Here you need to be confident and purposeful, and in any case, do not back down, girls appreciate confident men. Weak-willed and cowardly boys (you can’t call these boys men) risk staying in the friend zone forever.

External presentability.

The neatness of a young man is more attractive than his appearance. Therefore, young people just need to:

  • take a regular bath or shower;
  • shave, get a haircut;
  • wear clean clothes;
  • do not spare money on perfume.

In the latter case, you can even do this: buy perfume and ask the beauty: do you like them, if you like them, you can safely use them and be sure that she likes your smell. If you feel that this is not enough to show sympathy for the girl, you can work on yourself and your body: go to sports clubs, sports will not only improve your appearance but also give you more confidence in yourself and your abilities.


A sense of tact will allow a man to develop one of the main components of a love relationship-respect for his second half. Therefore, if a young man intends to connect himself and the future bride with a serious relationship, then you need to be restrained and calm in communication. What is meant by this? Do not use obscene language, jargon, or tricky jokes, including those directed at her. So the lady will easily begin to trust you, and your communication will become more relaxed.

Less thought means more action.

As one comedian said: “If you look at a girl for a long time, you can see her getting married.” You can endlessly think about a beautiful person, dream, imagine yourself with her, dedicate poems, but you can miss the moment of rapprochement and someone else will win your chosen one. Therefore, if you like a girl very much, you can not postpone the recognition of sympathy.

Openness in communication.

This means freely expressing your thoughts and feelings, being open to different topics of communication. Representatives of the weaker sex feel calmer in the company of the guy that everyone or almost everyone knows about (a parrot strangled in childhood, or the described pants do not count). So the girl will understand that you have no secrets from her, and will trust your secrets. Openness in conversation can play a positive role in your rapprochement, for example, you can act like this:

  • talk about a serious relationship;
  • to say that there are so few people in the world who value love and feelings;
  • listen to her opinion (and it is likely to be the same);
  • hint that you would like to truly love and be loved;
  • take a pause and follow her reaction (it can be ambiguous);
  • continue the conversation (change the subject if she is confused, or continue if she is interested in the issue).

If the fear continues to haunt, you can use this technique: watching yourself from the side, rehearsing phrases in front of a mirror or best friend. All this will help to prepare the ground for recognition of sympathy, and we will talk about how best to do this later.

How to hint to a girl that I like her

Every young person who has experience with the fair sex already knows how to hint to a girl about their sympathy, let’s give an example of common techniques:

a Compliment.

This is a popular hint of sympathy, both at first acquaintance and during long-term communication. All you need to remember is that compliments should be appropriate. For example, if a lady is pretty, you can definitely mention it: “You are like an Orchid, more and more beautiful every day.” Or evaluate her hairstyle: “You have a great hairstyle, did you do it yourself?»

Tell the truth.

Some guys who don’t like to beat around the Bush, prefer to say everything directly, you can use this method. Come and tell me: “You know, I’ve liked you for a long time” or “I choose you, but what will I decide later”, “I can’t keep silent anymore, I like you!”


Female individuals are very curious by nature, they do not like understatement, although they themselves use this method more often than men. You can act on their plan-create some intrigue, for example, say with a characteristic facial expression: “What are you doing with me? “or” Why me? ” the Effect will not take long to wait, believe me…

Highlighting it from the surrounding girls.

This option works well if you study at the same school or work in the same office, which is full of other representatives of the fairer sex. You can do this: choose nearby standing beauties and say : “it’s good that at least you are near, and then there are only scarecrows around” (point to the girls).

Good joke.

If a lady likes and knows how to joke, then you need to laugh at her jokes more often, so she will appreciate your attention and sympathy. But you should not remain in debt – you can also hint to the girl about the relationship with a joke yourself: “Your mother doesn’t need a son-in-law?”, “Our children won’t forgive us”, etc.

Find a common activity.

If you have common interests and Hobbies, you can take advantage of it. For example, go to a concert of your favorite band and continue to show signs of attention there. The euphoria of listening to your favorite artists will increase the effect of your rapprochement and sympathy for each other.

Show interest.

As mentioned earlier, all ladies love the attention of the opposite sex, even if you are still in a friendly relationship. You need to purposefully invite her to meetings, go to her (if this is practiced), and refuse to meet with other friends (for example, on the phone). She will appreciate that this is all for her. Remember the movie “Sex for friendship”, on the screen, the couple started with a banal friendship but grew into deeper feelings.
How to write to a girl that I like her

If all of the above methods do not suit you or you are not confident, you should try to hint about the sympathy in the social network. networks, for example: in contact or Odnoklassniki. The chat is equipped with all kinds of emoticons, gifs and pictures that can be used in the message. Examples of messages:

“Hello my Princess! Can I call you like that?”

“How’re the most beautiful and cute girls?”

“You have even the handwriting is beautiful.”

“I write to you, what more, what more is there to say, let me at least you on a date to call”.

“Oh (name), you’re making me blush, even here.”

You can also write on paper and send it through a friend or acquaintance, especially if you are close to each other. The lady will certainly appreciate such an unusual way of communicating and will understand that you like her and, perhaps, will reciprocate your sympathy.

I had no problem telling a girl that I liked her because I always followed the rules that are set out in this article. Write your feedback and suggestions in the comments, I will definitely answer, always yours, old ladies ‘ man Pantelei. Good luck to you!

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